We'll convert your old tapes, films and photos to a format you can use.

We specialize in tape, disc and film transfers and chances are we have equipment to record or playback the format you need. While our studio has the latest technology we also maintain equipment from generations past.

Supported Formats


We can now see our home videos together as a family for the first time.    —  Sandy Morin
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  • Preserve Your Videos on DVD or USB Drive
    Those old VHS and camcorder tapes are gathering dust, taking up space and may soon start to deteriorate. Perhaps, you no longer have playback equipment and want to search for precious souvenirs that haven't been seen for years. It's time to gather up your collection of obsolete video tapes and have us transfer them to a format you can use. We'll help you choose the best options to archive, edit and share your videos.
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    Convert your tapes to DVD

    The most convenient way to preserve and bring life back back to your old home videos is to have us transfer them onto DVD-Video discs. Just pop the discs into your DVD or Blu-Ray player that is connected to your TV and voila! You can have the gang around to reminisce while never having the hassle of rewinding those old tapes again. We can package your collection into DVD Album cases complete with program titles from your original tape lables.

    Digitize and Transfer Video Files to USB Drive

    You can keep your old videos safe by having them digitized then backed up to a USB thumb drive or external hard drive. By default, the standard definition videos are saved as mpeg-2 files, however we now provide the option to encode them as mp4 files. Copy these files to your computer and have fun editing them or even uploading them to a video sharing service like YouTube or Vimeo.

    Transfer video from your camera or mobile device

    Video clips from your digital camera or mobile phone or tablet can be edited and assembled as a linear playing video on either DVD or BluRay disc or as a continuous mp4 digital video file.

    We also offer encoding using customizable paramaters to several file formats. For added peace of mind, upload your video files to a cloud storage account.
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  • Digitize Photos, Slides, Negatives & Artwork
    Slides, prints, negatives and artwork of all sizes can be digitized as jpeg files, and copied to the media of your choice. We also provide image correction, restoration, editing and compositing. Change a background, remove blemishes, add special effects and much more.

    Once digitized, all images can be combined with a soundtrack and titles into video slideshows.
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  • Movie Film Transfers
    KAV has been transferring movie film to video since 1986. Bring us your Super-8, Regular 8mm, 16mm or even professional 35mm film and we'll transfer to the digital media of your choice. Choose either an instrumental sound track or your own narration added to the silent films. We now offer film transfers to High Definition MP4-Digital File or Blu-Ray Disc.
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  • Audio Tape or Vinyl Record Transfers
    Remember when we'd use the tape recorder to capture family parties or make music demos? Do you have a rare vinyl LP, 45 or 78 rpm record? Convert and restore those old cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, or vinyl records to CD-Audio Disc, MP3 or WAV file and begin sharing those memories with family and friends today.
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