• Will DVD-R discs play in my DVD player?
    DVD-R disc compatibility
    There are basically three types of DVD disc. DVD-R, DVD+R and replicated DVD discs. Replicated discs are factory pressed and are used for commercial or retail distribution with minimum runs of 500 units.

    DVD-R Discs
    These are the discs we use for small runs (under 500 units). They are compatible with roughly 95% of all DVD equipment used worldwide. They may have compatibility problems with some Sony or Philips model players, some players manufactured before 2003, or players not designed for "burned" discs.

    DVD+R Discs
    DVD+R was designed to rival the DVD-R system just like Beta rivaled VHS. The system is used primarily by Sony and Philips. One benefit of DVD+R is that they can burn at faster speeds. However this format is compatible with less than 80% of DVD equipment.
  • Will my video be in standard (SD) or high definition (HD)?
    Our preferred format is HD since it has the highest quality with a screen resolution of either 1080 x 1920 pixels or medium quality of 720 x 1080 pixels. The screen ratio, width to height is 16:9, also known as wide screen. Standard definition has a digital video resolution of 480 x 720 pixels and traditionally has a ratio of 4:3 but can be converted to wide screen format.

    We shoot primarily in full 1080 HD and usually export edited video to 1080p mp4 digital file or HD Blu-ray disc. HD Videos can also be down converted to play on standard DVD-video in wide screen format at 480p. If you are providing us footage to edit or digitize, we will generally match the source resolution. SD footage is not up-converted to HD. For slideshows or film transfers, please specify your preferred video format when ordering.
  • Can my video be played everywhere in the world?
    Digital Video Files
    Video files, like mp4, mov, or wmv are designed for computer or mobile device playback and do not have to conform to television system parameters. They will play on TVs, or monitors, worldwide, that are connected to such playback devices as computers, gaming consoles, apple-tv or similar set top boxes. Some TVs will even support direct playback from a USB flash drive.

    World TV Systems
    Video tapes or DVDs coming from or being sent to most countries overseas may need to be converted since they will not be compatible with the TV system used in North America. There are primarily three different colour TV systems used throughout the world: NTSC, PAL & SECAM.

    Special video equipment is required to convert signals from one system to view on another. We offer fast, affordable conversion services for several tape and disc formats.
  • What is the best way to send my materials to KAV?
    Deliveries to our studio
    If you are dropping off your materials (ie. photos, discs, films, tapes) please call ahead to make an appointment. Our regular business hours are 10 am to 6 pm (EST) Monday to Friday. Otherwise send your materials with instructions indicating preferred sequence, number of copies required and title that you would like to appear on the packaging. Don't forget to include your telephone number home address and email address. Use the courier of your choice.

    Ship to: KAV Productions Inc., 1031 Lasalle Road, Cornwall, ON, K6H 2W2, Canada
  • How do I send my digital photos or files to KAV by internet?
    Since email accounts usually limit attachment file sizes, the most efficient way to send us your electronic files is by using our file transfer service. Click the "Hightail Uplink" button to add files from your computer to our drop box. Maximum file size is 10 Gb