Disc Mastering & Duplication

Video or Audio Discs are mastered to professional standards for duplication

Any video project, whether transferred from tape or digital file, edited or not, can be authored with menus and chapters and mastered as a video disc. Audio recordings can be mastered for CD Audio Disc.

Printing & Packaging

Either provide your own cover and disc artwork or we can design it for you. We always print directly on the discs. Short runs are ink jet printed in either full colour or black on printable discs. Replicated discs are silk screen printed in full process colour.

window envelope

Jewel Case

Album Case

  • DVD-Video Discs
    DVD-video is used for standard definition video and is available in 4:3 or wide screen ratios. Discs are playable on DVD players connected to your TV or computers with DVD drives and playback software. High definition videos can also be down-converted to this format.
  • Blu-Ray Video Discs
    With about 5 times the capacity of DVD, Blu-Ray discs are used to author high definition video for playback at 1080p quality on Blu-Ray players or computer Blu-Ray drives and playback software.
  • CD Audio Discs
    Recordings are digitally mastered and can be balanced, enhanced or restored to optimize the sound quality. For recordings that will be distributed on Compact Disc, tracks are prepared for factory replication standards. Album art, track lists, author, copyright and royalty information can also be included with the project. For short runs, with quantities under 500 units, discs are duplicated to CD-R in-house.
  • Pricing
    Several factors make up the cost of disc orders. Total amount is based on authoring and mastering fees, print and packaging options selected, replication vs duplication, quantity and turn-around required.

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