Sound Systems & Microphones

  • Yamaha StagePas-300, 6 channels, 300 watts, perfect for banquets and conferences

  • Amplifiers & Powered Speakers

    Amp up your guitar or keyboard for a stage performance. Choose a simple all-in-one sound solution for presenting a video or making speeches. Connect mics, computers even an iPod to a variety of models and sizes.

    Rent from $30 per day or $90 per week *

  • Sound Systems

    We can help you choose the right sound system for your next event based on room size, and number of inputs required. Most systems include speakers, stands, cables and powered mixer.

    Rent from $90 per day or $270 per week *

  • Wireless Handheld Microphone

    Save time setting up and have no worry about cables. Perfect for events with multiple presenters and audience participation.

    Rent from $45 per day or $135 per week *

  • Wireless Lapel Microphone

    Designed to be clipped to your jacket, tie or blouse, the tiny mic allows presenters hands free mobility for better audience interaction. The battery operated transmitter-receiver models are perfect for video interviews.

    Rent from $45 per day or $135 per week *

  • Wireless Headset Microphone

    This mic kit is ideal for active presenters or performers who speak while moving. This is the perfect solution for dancers and aerobic instructors.

    Rent from $45 per day or $135 per week *

  • Mixers & Audio Accessories

    From press conferences to music recording, you're covered with a range of microphones, mic stands, karaoke systems, CD players, mixers, media feed boxes, monitors, DIs, and adaptors.
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* Contact Us for specific models, prices and availability. See Rental Terms for details.